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Antelope Hidden Canyon Kayak Tour

By Alley Keosheyan / September 5, 2017

YOLO – it stands for “You Only Live Once.” So why would you tour the waterside of Antelope Canyon shoulder-to-shoulder with a boatload of strangers? Experience the power and majesty of Antelope Canyon as it joins with Lake Powell in a way that only a select few visitors will share, with Hidden Canyon Kayak Tours! […]


Lake Powell Canyon Adventure Boat Tour

By Alley Keosheyan / September 1, 2017

You wouldn’t to go Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower; or visit San Francisco without driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. Take a trip to London without seeing Big Ben? What would be the point? So why would you go to Page, Arizona and leave Lake Powell off your agenda? If you thought it was […]