Can you do both Lower and Upper in a day?

By Ryan / September 17, 2015

Yes, but it is probably not the best use of your time. You might as well do one or the other and do the boat tour of Antelope Canyon instead.

If you have the time, you would be better off making sure you have seen the other nearby sites, including

White Pockets

Horseshoe Bend

Raft the Colorado River

If you still want to do both Upper and Lower, make sure you save your ticket. You don’t have to pay the Navajo permit fee twice, saving you about 8$




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sandy - March 6, 2017


Planning on coming in July & was just wondering if I was interested in doing the following 3 activities and trying to fit it all in one day: Upper Antelope Canyon, Lower Antelope Canyon & the Horseshoe Bend. What order of those 3 do you suggest that I should start off with and end with to make use of the best lightening, time, weather and heat during that time frame? I notice that only Lower is offered; is there none for Upper? Please kindly advise. Thanks!

    Alley Keosheyan - March 14, 2017

    Hi Sandy and thank you for visiting our site!
    As you’ve already gathered, heat is a very important consideration when planning your itinerary. During the month of July, it’s not uncommon for daytime temperatures to reach above 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately, though, the interior of Antelope Canyon tends to remain cool due to the fact that it’s shaded for most of the day. Since Lower Antelope Canyon requires more physical exertion, I’d recommend doing that activity during the cooler parts of the day, which tends to be early morning before 10 AM. Upper Antelope Canyon tends to be most brightly illuminated during the mid-day hours, so that section of the canyon is best visited between 10 AM and 1 PM. Horseshoe Bend is the most exposed of the 3 sites, so care must be taken if any of your traveling party is sensitive to extreme heat. Mid-afternoon tends to offer the best photo opportunity, but in July, this might become a secondary consideration to safety and comfort. Mid-morning, after sunrise, might be a better time to visit.
    Another factor that might decide the order in which these 3 sites are visited is your trip itinerary. For example, if you’re coming to Page from Grand Canyon South Rim, Horseshoe Bend Overlook is a convenient stop on your way into town since it’s located just 5 miles South of the city. If you’re driving in from Monument Valley, you could easily hit Antelope Canyon en route to Page since the canyon’s entrance is located on Highway 98 just Southeast of town.
    Whatever you decide, make sure you wear comfortable shoes for walking and bring plenty of water. At the present time, there are no water sources at either Horseshoe Bend or Antelope Canyon, but that could change in the future.
    Hope that helps. Happy traveling!

Charles DEBRAH - March 21, 2017

Hi Ryan,
Can’t praise you and your team enough for the insightful info on your site. Very much appreciated by all who stumbles on your site.

My wife and I are taking a 7 day trip to see the Utah’s Mighty 5 and Antelope canyon (lower and upper), Horseshoe bend and a tour on Lake Powell (at least we hope).
We are renting a car and drive from Las Vegas to Page on Jul 8th then spend a night in Page and do the Antelope etc then drive to Arches etc to Zion then back to Las Vegas to catch a flight back to Iowa on 7/14 at 8pm
Could you please advice as how best to maximize our time and a suitable itinerary. Thank you so much in advance.

    Alley Keosheyan - March 21, 2017

    Dear Charles,
    Wow – we are humbled and flattered by your praise! I’ll be sure to pass it on to Ryan, who’s out of the office at present.
    So, I’m assuming you have already been to the Grand Canyon, and that’s why you haven’t included it in your itinerary? Going off that assumption, here’s what I’d recommend.
    1. On your way from Las Vegas to Page, consider stopping at the Paria Rimrocks/Toadstools Trail. It’s a fairly easy walk, about 1.5 miles roundtrip. The trailhead is located at Mile Marker 19 of Highway 89, between Page, AZ and Kanab, UT and rewards you with some really cool rock formations.
    2. If you arrive in Page in the early afternoon hours before sunset, consider hitting Horseshoe Bend before settling in for the evening. This timeframe is one of the best for photos.
    3. Make a reservation for your Antelope Canyon tour. The time of year you’re visiting is very busy and if you have your heart set on seeing the light beams at mid-day, the canyon will be busy. Since you’re travelling to Arches, I would recommend picking up your tour at the entrance to the canyon on Highway 98 instead of one of the tours out of Page.
    As you can see, I haven’t even brought up the possibility of a Lake Powell boat tour. With only one night in Page, you might not be able to squeeze one in, unless it’s a short one like the Canyon Princess Dinner Cruise. Another night in Page may be in order!
    Hope that helps in your planning. Have a wonderful trip.

Ivy - April 5, 2017

Hi Ryan,

We’re planning on visiting Antelope Canyon both upper and lower in late Oct to early Nov. What is the best time for lights at both upper and lower canyons at that time of the year?

    Alley Keosheyan - April 6, 2017

    Hi Ivy,
    Thanks for visiting!
    In late October/early November, lighting in both Upper and Lower Antelope will be optimal at mid-day, however, the light shafts you’ve no doubt seen pictures of are starting to fall short of extending all the way down to the canyon floor. Still, you might catch a glimpse of them, particularly in Upper, if you time your tour for around 11:00-12:00. Then Lower can be fit in around that.
    Hope that helps,

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