Driving to Antelope Canyon

Driving Distances to Antelope Canyon from popular starting points From Grand Canyon South Rim – 2.5 hours From Zion National Park – 2.5 hours From Las Vegas – 4.5 hours From Monument Valley – 2 hours Once you get to town, you should plan to be at your tour companies location 20 minutes before hand. Advance […]

See Antelope from Grand Canyon South Rim

Most travelers will be coming from the Grand Canyon South Rim or heading towards the Grand Canyon after they see Antelope Canyon. If you’re already at the Grand Canyon, you know there is an irresistible urge to get to the bottom. The best way to do that without hiking 10+ miles is to do the […]

Can you do both Lower and Upper in a day?

Can you do both Lower and Upper in a day? Introducing the Upper & Lower Antelope Canyon Bundle Deal! You asked for it and we listened!  Until recently the real answer to this question has been yes you can but there was no real easy way to make it happen.  You would have to shop […]