Driving to Antelope Canyon

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Driving Distances to Antelope Canyon from popular starting points

  • From Grand Canyon South Rim – 2.5 hours
  • From Zion National Park – 2.5 hours
  • From Las Vegas – 4.5 hours
  • From Monument Valley – 2 hours

Once you get to town, you should plan to be at your tour companies location 20 minutes before hand. Advance reservations are HIGHLY recommended during the spring, summer, and fall months. The Navajo Nation limits the number of permits available per day, so sold out days are very common.

There are tour companies that leave from Grand Canyon and Las Vegas that include Antelope Canyon as part of a day tour.

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    1. Hi Jim,
      This is an excellent question. The town of Page, AZ, Antelope Canyon’s nearest gateway community, does have cell phone and internet service. Verizon tends to be the most popular wireless service provider IIRC. As for the Antelope Canyon area, cell phone signal can get spotty once you’re down off the mesa, and within the canyon itself, it typically doesn’t reach since you are enveloped by high canyon walls.
      Hope that helps. Good luck and safe travels,
      Alley 🙂
      P.S. Please check your e-mail for my personal reply to your other inquiry.

  1. Hello Alley,
    We are planning a one week visit to Phoenix (PHX), Flagstaff (FS), Antelope Canyon(AC, only upper Canyon)/Lake Powell/Horseshoe bend/ Grand Canyon (GC) south rim, GC Village back to Flagstaff , Sedona, and back to Phoenix during last week of Nov, 2019. How cold could it get in any of these areas? Do we need jackets. For someone in their mid fifties with BP issues, could lower antelope canyon pose a challenge or do we just limit ourselves to Upper AC? Is it cooler inside the lower AC slot canyon than on the outside? Since the AC could experience flash flood even if the weather is dry, how could we recognize warning signs? What is the optimal way to do this? Is AC and GC open on 28th Nov, 2019, Thanksgiving day? We were planning PHX (11/24)->Flagstaff (11/25)->AC/Lake Powell (11/26)->GC (11/27)->Flagstaff (11/28)-> Sedona/Phoenix (11/29)->Phoenix (11/30)-> Fly out (12/1). We plan on driving ourselves except for FS to AC which we have not decided if we want to do tour package or do it ourselves with a Navajo tour guide via Antelopecanyonnow.com. We have all the hotel bookings in place for all night stays on dates as shown in braces above, but with cancellation option for all hotel bookings, up to a day before the check-in dates.
    Is my plan optimal and is it feasible? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Bala!
      Your plan is OK, but the first thing that jumps out at me is that you’re packing up and driving someplace new every single day. IMO a vacation should have some “chill time” where you can kick back and relax. Sedona is the ideal place to build this in, and the way to accomplish it would be to take Flagstaff off the table. Not that it isn’t interesting and that you wouldn’t get to see it; you’d simply do so in between destinations. So here’s how I’d advise modifying your itinerary:
      11/24 – Arrive in Phoenix and stay overnight
      11/25 – Drive from Phoenix to Page, AZ (~5 hour drive), stop in Flagstaff, AZ, for lunch, overnight in Page, AZ
      11/26 – Tour Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell , 2nd night in Page, AZ
      11/27 – Drive from Page, AZ, to Grand Canyon South Rim (~3-3.5 hour drive factoring in stops), stop for lunch at Cameron Trading Post, overnight at Grand Canyon
      11/28 – Drive from Grand Canyon South Rim to Sedona (~3 hour drive), stop at Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff if desired, overnight in Sedona
      11/29 – 2nd day in Sedona, take Pink Jeep Broken Arrow Tour, overnight in Sedona
      11/30 – Morning in Sedona, drive to Phoenix (~2.5 hour drive), overnight in Phoenix
      12/01 – Fly home
      In answer to your other queries:
      How cold could it get in any of these areas? It can get quite cold, and you could encounter snow, especially in areas like Grand Canyon South Rim and Flagstaff. Of course, it’s too soon to call, so start monitoring the weather about 2 weeks before you travel.
      Do we need jackets? Yes, bring them, but be prepared to dress in layers that you can easily remove and stick in a backpack as you acclimate to the outside temperatures.
      For someone in their mid fifties with BP issues, could lower antelope canyon pose a challenge or do we just limit ourselves to Upper AC? As someone in her mid-50’s with BP issues, I wouldn’t hesitate to tour Lower Antelope Canyon, but I live 7,000′ above sea level. Everyone is different. You might want to take a look at this Full Video Walk-Through of Lower Antelope Canyon to judge for yourself. Maybe let your physician see it if you’re unsure.
      Is it cooler inside the lower AC slot canyon than on the outside? Yes, by ~10 degrees (F).
      Since the AC could experience flash flood even if the weather is dry, how could we recognize warning signs? At the time of year you’re traveling, flash flooding is really not an issue. That’s more of a concern during the late summer/early fall months. In the event extreme weather is expected, your tour company reserves the right to cancel all tours, in which case they will make every effort to reschedule you. If that’s not possible, you’d get a refund.
      BTW, with AntelopeCanyonNow.com, you’re still doing a tour. It’s not possible to go to Antelope Canyon on your own.
      Hope that helps! Good luck and safe travels,
      Alley 🙂

      1. Hi Alley – My family and I are planning a trip to see the Mighty 5 in Utah as well as Grand Staircase, Antelope & Horseshoe in AZ. As a preliminary itinerary, I was thinking of flying into Salt Lake City staying one night there and then on the 2nd morning driving to Moab. I have found a place we are interested in staying while there. Was going to you that as home base for the days we tour Arches, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef. Would 3 days be enough to see those 3 parks? At some point, we’d make our way across and have our second home base set up in Zion and I was thinking from there we could also hit Bryce, Staircase and Page, AZ. I was thinking 3 more days on the west side. and then we’d plan to fly out of Vegas. So maybe 7 nights? Does this sound reasonable or so you have a better itinerary you can share? Thanks in advance for any advice!

        1. Hi Rachel!
          Depending on the leadtime to your vacation, I wouldn’t recommend using a “hub and spoke” approach (basing yourself at one place to see multiple destinations) unless you absolutely had to. If you do, you’ll end up doing a lot of backtracking, which is best avoided if at all possible. 3 nights is a decent timeframe for Moab, 4 would be even better, so you can explore Canyonlands, Arches, and take advantage of the ample opportunities for touring and sightseeing in that area. Though not ideal, you can hit Capitol Reef as a “drive-by” between Moab and Bryce, then overnight in the Bryce Canyon area (total drive time ~5+ hours). 1 night is sufficient for most visitors in Bryce because it’s a small park, square mileage-wise.
          After that, hit Page, AZ, to visit Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Page is ~a 3 hour drive from Bryce, and you might stop to enjoy the Paria Rimrocks/Toadstool Hoodoos hike en route, as well as stop at the Big Water Visitors Center. Plan on spending at least 1 night in Page, then head to Zion via Marble Canyon, Lees Ferry, and Cliff Dwellers. The Cliff Dwellers Restaurant at the Vermilion Cliffs Lodge is one of Arizona’s best kept culinary secrets, so plan on stopping there for lunch, and maybe even the bakery at Jacob Lake Inn to grab some of their delicious home-made cookies! From there go to Springdale, UT, for lodging, and plan on staying 2-3 days to explore Zion before heading to Vegas. Again, depending on the time of year you’re visiting, the drive to Vegas could take longer than you expect due to a construction project taking place on a stretch of I-15 through the Virgin River Gorge. That could tack more time onto what is normally a 3-hour drive, so try not to schedule anything time sensitive for that afternoon or evening. The construction is scheduled to continue through next spring at least.

          This trip would be doable in 7 days, but if you can possibly carve out more time, don’t hesitate to do so. Believe me, you won’t regret it!
          Hope that helps. Feel free to write in again if we can offer further guidance.
          Take care, safe travels, and Happy Holidays!
          Alley 🙂

  2. Hi there Alley!

    My girlfriends (group of 6 lovely ladies) and I are planning to visit Antelope canyon on October 26th. We are flying into Vegas and are driving to the Canyon. Do you have any recommendations for what tour to book? We are torn between the upper versus lower antelope canyon. We all love hiking and great views. And of course, we are looking to snap beautiful photos!

    I appreciate any advice you have to offer.


    1. Hey Julie!
      If you ladies enjoy hiking and great views, then Lower Antelope Canyon would be my recommendation. However, don’t be surprised to find that tours there are already sold out. The place is that popular! If you find that to be the case, consider one of several alternate slot canyons in Page, AZ, that are just as beautiful but far less crowded. I’m partial to Cathedral Canyon because it has iconic slot canyon scenery and some unique rock formations that resemble Coyote Buttes.
      Good luck and safe travels!
      Alley 🙂

  3. A group of 11-12 girls are going to Flagstaff for a bachelorette party. We are doing a day trip on Nov 23 to Antelope Canyon (already booked the tour), Horseshoe Bend, and then the Grand Canyon. We are looking for some type of transportation (van, bus, etc.), so we don’t have to drive ourselves. Do you have any advice/recommendations of companies? I already contacted great venture tours (but they don’t just do transportation) and northern Arizona limousine (but they are booked). Thank you!

    1. Hi Sara,
      I recommend calling Groome Transportation. They offer shuttle service between Phoenix, Sedona, Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon, but to my understanding, they also do group and corporate charters. Their website is http://www.GroomeTransportation.com, but in your case, I would recommend speaking with someone by phone. Their number is 928-350-8466.
      You might also try National Park Express, but they’re based out of Las Vegas, and they do offer shuttle service to Page, AZ, but may not travel to Sedona. In any case, their # is 702-948-4190.
      Good luck and safe travels,
      Alley 🙂

  4. HI Alley – I have a trip planned to fly in to Vegas 10/17-10/21 from NY…There’s a lot I want to do and I don’t mind driving ….here is my itinerary Day 1 Vegas Strip Day 2 Grand Canyon Southeast Rim, Skywalk and Hoover Dam; I was thinking about renting a car for the day and making it a day trip – What else can I visit? Lake Mead? The next day I was planning a tour from Vegas to Antelope Canyon returning to Vegas – then the final day just Vegas Strip…any suggestions?

    1. Hi Sharron!
      Visiting both Grand Canyon South Rim and the Grand Canyon Skywalk as a day trip from Las Vegas is not realistic. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but the Grand Canyon Skywalk is located at Grand Canyon West, a Native American Tribal Park that’s in a totally separate area from Grand Canyon South Rim, which is the National Park. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to drive from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West; it would then take another 4.5-5 hours to drive from Grand Canyon West to Grand Canyon South Rim, then another 4.5-5 hours to drive from Grand Canyon South Rim back to Las Vegas.

      Another thing working against you at the time of year you’re visiting is daylength. In late October, it’s short: sunrise occurs at ~6:30 AM, and sunset takes place at around 6:20 AM. You want to be sure to get most of your driving in the more rural areas done by nightfall, and as it stands, you’re proposing to do 12+ hours of driving at a time of year when you barely have that much daylight to work with. The math just doesn’t add up.
      What you need to do is prioritize whether you want to see Grand Canyon National Park or the Grand Canyon Skywalk, and if it’s your first visit to the area, I’d recommend choosing the park. The drive from Las Vegas to GC South Rim is ~5 hours each way, and ditto for Las Vegas to Page. Therefore, instead of doing day trips to both the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon, I’d recommend doing a loop from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South Rim, Grand Canyon South Rim to Page, AZ (for Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend), then back to Las Vegas, with overnight stays at the Grand Canyon and Page.

      Good luck and safe travels,
      Alley 🙂

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