Tower Butte Helicopter tour

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The tower butte helicopter tour is one of the best helicopter tours in the country, although most people will opt for the helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon. Having done both, the Grand Canyon helicopter tours are a better check on a bucket list, but the Tower Butte tour is a better experience. The 10-15 minutes where you get off the helicopter at the top of Tower Butte is spectacular and really adds a lot of the value of the trip. Click here to find out more.
Tour Highlights:
  • 20 minutes on top of Tower Butte
  • See Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, the Grand Staircase, and more!
  • Helicopter flight to the top of Tower Butte
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Rising 5,000 feet above sea level, Tower Butte is one of Mother Nature’s most unique formations, providing the perfect setting for your Helicopter Landing adventure! After boarding your state of the art EcoStar helicopter, you will fly eastward over Antelope Canyon, Land of the Navajo Nation and Lake Powell as your Helicopter ascends to the top of Tower Butte. You won’t believe your eyes when you touch down and disembark.

The 360-degree panoramic view is absolutely breathtaking. See Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, the Kaiparowitz Plateau, the Grand Staircase and the Vermillion Cliffs. Enjoy approximately 20 minutes on the Butte for sensational photo opportunities and interpretive information about the Navajo culture and the ties to their Land. Only accessible by Helicopter, this adventure offers incredible memories, spectacular photographs and bragging rights to an exclusive view of the American Southwest and Land of the Navajo Nation.

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