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Can you do both Lower and Upper in a day?

Introducing the Upper & Lower Antelope Canyon Bundle Deal!

You asked for it and we listened!  Until recently the real answer to this question has been yes you can but there was no real easy way to make it happen.  You would have to shop around and contact the different Upper and Lower Vendors individually and then try to find time slots that complemented each other. Many times you were lucky just to find one opening! That is no longer the case.  Book your bundle today and enjoy the natural wonders that are Upper and Lower Canyons!

Upper Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon

*Notice – With the Navajo Nation just opening up many tour operators are rushing to get their inventory online and Bundles are not available at this time

Benefits of a Bundle Deal…  
#1 – All inclusive booking price.  Don’t get caught with hidden fee’s!
#2 – When you purchase a Bundle Deal you do not have to pay the Navajo permit fee twice, saving you an additional $8.00! Just show your Vouchers.
#3 – Our service does all of the work finding any possible booking combination and times. Saving you valuable time.
#4 – Our bundle deals take into consideration how far you have to travel and how much time you would like between Canyons.  It also allows you to add time for lunch.
#5 – Many times bundle deals are available when stand alone Tours are not!