How to book a tour for Antelope Canyon

The Antelope Canyons have fast risen to Top 5 status among the Page, Arizona area’s “must do” activities. You are required to tour them with a Navajo Tribe-authorized guide service, and advance reservations are an absolute must!  Why You Should Book In Advance…

Canyon Overview

So where does one start? To book a tour for Antelope Canyon, you must first decide whether you want to tour Lower or Upper Antelope Canyon, or both.

Upper Antelope Canyon is an above-ground slot canyon. It’s an easy, flat 100 yard walk, following a 2-mile off-road ride from the Navajo Tribal Park Gate on US98 to the canyon’s entrance. Upper Antelope Canyon is also where you can catch those world-famous sunbeams between the spring and fall months, but only during peak time tours. If you are traveling with infants, young children, seniors, or anyone with mobility limitations, Upper Antelope Canyon would be the best choice for your slot canyon touring experience, however, only 2 of the 4 Upper Antelope Canyon tour operators allow children under 5 on their tours. Also, wheelchairs and strollers are not allowed due to the difficulty of maneuvering these devices through potentially deep sand. 

Lower Antelope Canyon is a longer slot canyon (~600 yards), situated below-ground. Touring it requires descending and ascending a series of ladders, and stepping over a few boulders. Access to the canyon is directly from the Tribal Park Gate on US98. If everyone in your traveling party is in reasonably good health and can handle moderate exercise, you should be fine in Lower Antelope Canyon. Although infants and younger children are allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon tours, parents should consider carefully whether this would be an appropriate or safe activity. Although backpack and chest child carriers are allowed, low rock ledges and other hazards could detract from the enjoyment of this experience for all concerned. Consider these facts carefully before booking a tour of Lower Antelope Canyon with your baby or toddler.

For more information on touring Antelope Canyon with young children, read “Antelope Canyon FAQ: Bringing Kids.” Also check out our Full Video Walk Through of Lower Antelope Canyon  

OPen Tours - Orange Alert

The Following Tours are currently available for booking following Navajo Nation COVID instructions.  At Orange Alert all Tours must operate at 50 percent capacity and follow all social and masking rules. Updated 8/14/21

Upper Antelope Canyon Tour

Upper Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona, is the most famous slot canyon formation in all the world, and for good reason: Book a tour today and capture the magic. Find out why the American Southwest is considered the Canyon Capital of the World!

If Upper Antelope is full on the dates you are looking for. Check Lower Antelope Canyon

Upper & Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

So you’ve decided to tour both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon on your upcoming vacation to Northern Arizona. Great Let us help you find the tours that work for you!
Most Popular

Cathedral Canyon

Looking to escape the crowds at Antelope. Check out this hidden Jem of the area. This is one of the Best Deals out there. Smaller groups and a slower pace make this a wonderful deal.
Great Deal

Lower Antelope Canyon

At one time this canyon was not as well known as Upper Antelope. However those days are long gone. Discover the natural beauty and vibrant Colors that make Lower Antelope so Popular
Hot Tour

Coyote Buttes North

North Coyote Buttes is a photography lovers destination. This tour includes sights like The Wave, Sand Cove, The Boneyard, Melody Arch, and much more. Users must secure their own Permits.
Guided Tour

Toroweap Sunset Tour

The views of the Colorado River are sublime as it winds through the deep, narrow canyon walls. Throw in a few clouds and dramatic light and you have the makings for epic photography.
8 hour Tour

White Pocket Sunset Tour

One of the most popular photo Tours.
We cater to photographers by going out for the best light, showing you the best spots, and giving you photo instruction. White Pocket has so much variety
Sunset Tour

and there is more than just Antelope Canyon

Maybe you are coming from Las Vegas the South Rim or Phoenix. Perhaps you are looking for things to see besides just Antelope Canyon.  Here are a few of our recommendations

Lower or X Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend SGT - Las Vegas

Starting in Las Vegas, and exploring either Lower Antelope Canyon or Antelope Canyon X (depending on option selected) and Horseshoe Bend in one day is an ambitious itinerary. Let us make it unforgettable.
From Las Vegas

Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Day Tour from Flagstaff

Explore Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend on this guided day trip from Flagstaff. Meet your Navajo guide and begin to descend into the canyon, the rays of sunlight make for beautiful photos.
From Flagstaff

Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend from Scottsdale or Phoenix

Experience Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in just one day on a 13-hour adventure. Instead of finding your own way there, take in the stunning Southwest landscape in all-inclusive transportation from your hotel.
From Scottsdale

We know you didn’t come all this way just to see one part of such a magnificent Canyon. In the past it has been difficult to book more than one canyon run at a time due to the hassles of having to book through different vendors. Well no more! We have done all the hard work so you can Book your bundle today and enjoy the natural wonders that are the Upper & Lower Canyons as well as by boat! Find out why these canyons are some of the most photographed canyons in the world! The advantage of booking here on is that many times bundle deals are available when stand alone tours are not!

Why go with Bundle Deals?

Benefits of a Bundle Deal…  
#1 – All inclusive booking price.  Don’t get caught with hidden fee’s!
#2 – When you purchase a boat tour combo your  Park Entry fees is reduced from $37.00 to $2.00! Just show your Vouchers.
#3 – Our service does all of the work finding any possible booking combination and times. Saving you valuable time.

#4 – Our bundle deals take into consideration how far you have to travel and how long you may have to wait to enter the Park or add time for lunches.
#5 – Many times bundle deals are available when stand alone Tours are not!

Upper, Lower and Boat Videos

Upper, Lower and Boat Gallery

Upper Antelope Schedule of Times

Lower Anteope Schedule of Times

Download this Map of Page and the surrounding area, compliments of Antelope Canyon Now

Comments Section

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  1. Do I need win the permit lottery in order to utilize your tours? I’d also love to see the wave – is there an ideal tour you recommend?

    1. Hey Kamal,
      A permit lottery is not held for Antelope Canyon tours, but you must make advance reservations for a tour. Winning the permit lottery is required, however, if you wish to hike The Wave. For more information on that, check out the article on this site regarding How To Get A Wave Permit. Since the likelihood of you winning a permit, statistically speaking, is extremely low, I would also recommend checking out our companion site,, particularly the article “So You Didn’t Get A Wave Permit – Now What?”
      Hope that helps. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at
      Good luck and safe travels,
      Alley 🙂

  2. Hello, I am a travel agent and booked a tour for 6 adults for Sept. 11, 10:00am. Can you confirm please and send confirmation to me? Booked under Ralph Ford, email I am putting together an itinerary for their trip and would like to include. Thank you!
    Carol Parsons 316-788-9397 Branch office

    1. Hi Carole,
      I wish I could assist you with this, but you need to get in touch with your chosen tour company for confirmation of your tour. Not knowing who you booked with, contact information is as follows:

        Upper Antelope Canyon

      – Roger Ekis’ Antelope Canyon Tours, 928-645-9102,
      – Chief Tsosie’s Antelope Slot Canyon Tours, 928-645-5594,
      – Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours, 928-698-3384
      – Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours, (928) 614-4919 or (928) 640-6808,

        Lower Antelope Canyon

      – Ken’s Lower Antelope Canyon Tours (928) 606-2168 and
      – Dixie Ellis’ Antelope Lower Canyon Tours (928) 640-1761
      Be aware that Antelope Canyon tours are operating at limited capacity due to COVID-19, and due to a prolonged closures for the same reason, there a is a lot of pent-up demand for tours. Please be patient as there is bound to be a heavier than normal volume of reservation requests.
      Good luck and safe travels,
      Alley 🙂

  3. Hi Alley –
    We arrive in Page tomorrow, 8/2 and have a kayak/hike trip booked for Wednesday to see Antelope Canyon. When we first planned our trip that was the only way to see Antelope Canyon as it was closed otherwise. Now that it is open do you also suggest a tour of Lower Antelope Canyon? How does what we see on the kayak trip compare? Which tour company should we book through if we want to add on a lower canyon tour? What do you think about Buckskin Gulch, would it be better to see that rather than a second trip to Antelope Canyon? We leave early Friday and are open to ideas for what to see other than Horseshoe Bend! You’d given us some ideas in the spring but now that more is open let me know if you have other ideas. Thank you so much!!

    1. Hi Nandita,
      So sorry I didn’t see your inquiry until now! Hopefully you had a wonderful time on the Antelope Canyon Kayak tour and that you found another activity to compliment your day without much trouble. Since the kayak tour actually covers the pre-slot portion of the Lower Antelope Canyon, I would have recommended you visit Wire Pass Canyon and/or Buckskin Gulch, or pursue an activity totally unrelated to slot canyons!
      For instance, the Paria Rimrocks and Toadstool Hoodoos Trail is an easy and fun hike that leads to a beautiful and fascinating cluster of rock formations. The trailhead is located near mile marker 19 of US89, so if you were planning on visiting Wire Pass Canyon and Buckskin Gulch, you could easily make a two-fer out of it and the Toadstools as this young family did in this video. The “New” Wave is another pleasant and relatively easy hike, very close to Page, AZ, that you might enjoy. As the name suggests, some of the rock formations resemble The Wave in Coyote Buttes, but visiting this area doesn’t require a permit. Another very doable hike close by would by the Hanging Gardens Trail, which, if desired, could be complimented with a dip in Lake Powell at The Chains. One word of caution re: the Chains is that the water level of Lake Powell, as you’ve probably learned, is quite low, which means it would be a long hike down to the water, but more importantly, a long hike back up.
      If you’re open to another tour, I highly recommend a 4×4 tour to Alstrom Point, Studhorse Mesa, Skylight Arch, or the Cottonwood Wash Narrows. For more information on these options, visit Big Orange Jeep Tours.
      For a pleasant day trip, you might visit Lees Ferry and the Lonely Dell Ranch near Marble Canyon, ~1 hour’s drive from Page, AZ. A walk across Navajo Bridge may give you the opportunity to see some California Condors up close and personal, although with wildlife, that’s always kind of a crap shoot! Further up US89A, you’ll find an expansive balanced rock garden, including a house built into one! Time your visit so that you can enjoy breakfast or dinner at Cliff Dweller’s Lodge, one of the best-kept culinary secrets in Northern Arizona.
      Whatever you decide, be sure to plan your more labor-intensive activities for the earlier morning hours to take advantage of cooler temperatures.
      Hope that gives you some good ideas for how to spend the rest of your week!
      Good luck and safe travels,
      Alley 🙂

    1. Hey Joseph,
      It depends on which tour you book and through which tour company, but standard is 72 hours prior to tour in order to qualify for a full refund.
      Again, check with your tour company to be absolutely certain!
      If you have further questions, please contact me directly at
      Good luck and safe travels,
      Alley 🙂

  4. Hey Alley,
    Still trying to get some update on the bundle tour for upper and lower. We are looking at October 2021. Do you think I should try booking both on my own. Would so prefer to do it thru you. Any advice would be so appreciated.

    1. Hey Georgy,
      We’re still waiting on that ourselves. I will e-mail you privately as soon as we get the green light!
      Alley 🙂

      1. Thanks so much Alley, I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Really appreciate your help!
        Have you been loving all this rain!

        1. Hey Georgy,
          Thanks for your understanding! As for the rain, yes, it is most welcome, but a slot canyon is the last place you’d want to be during a flash flood. Hopefully the weather will be nice and stable at the time of your visit!
          Good luck and safe travels,
          Alley 🙂

    1. Hi Skip,
      With a group that size, your best bet is to book directly with one of the Upper Antelope Canyon tour companies:
      – Chief Tsosie’s Antelope Slot Canyon Tours,, 928-645-5594
      – Roger Ekis’ Antelope Canyon Tours,, 928-645-9102
      – Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours,, 928-380-1874
      – Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours,, 928-310-9458
      No need to quibble too much about who is best, they will all offer the same exact tour right down to the footstep, and very close in price.
      Good luck and safe travels,
      Alley 🙂

  5. Hi there! Have you been really crowded since you’ve opened again? Do you anticipate crowds in October 2021 also?

    1. Hey Hey Christine 😉
      Page, AZ, has been busy, but not super-crowded like years past. We are doing our best to get the word out about the reopening of the Antelope Canyons, which, even in this day and age, takes time.
      As for how it will be in October, that obviously remains to be seen. In general, though, October is a great time of year to be here! Temperatures are cooling, and even though it is still busy (usually, anyway), it’s typically not as crazy as the summer months since it’s mostly adults out traveling.
      All that said, we still strongly advise making advance reservations for Antelope Canyon tours. In order to reduce/negate possible exposure to COVID-19, all Antelope Canyon tour companies are operating at half capacity by Tribal Executive Order. Another thing to keep in mind if you were wanting to tour Upper Antelope Canyon with kids or seniors is that it’s no longer the easy-as-pie walk as it was in the past. There is now a network of steps and walkways you must navigate that goes over a ridge from the exit of the canyon back to the tour truck parking area. It’s a distance of about half a mile, and while it doesn’t involve a lot of uphill climbing, it’s completely exposed to the elements, which may be problematic for parents carrying an infant or toddler, or an elderly person unaccustomed to such conditions.
      Hope that helps. Please contact us directly at if you have further questions.
      Alley 🙂

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