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Rainbow Bridge and Lake Powell aerial tour

By Ryan / September 18, 2015

Already did Antelope Canyon? An aerial tour of Lake Powell and Rainbow bridge is a great way to see the rest of the area. Like the Grand Canyon, the lake is simply too large to see from a single viewpoint. The best way to grasp the scale and beauty of the area is to be […]


See Antelope from Grand Canyon South Rim

By Ryan / September 17, 2015

Most travelers will be coming from the Grand Canyon South Rim or heading towards the Grand Canyon after they see Antelope Canyon. If you’re already at the Grand Canyon, you know there is an irresistible urge to get to the bottom. The best way to do that without hiking 10+ miles is to do the float […]


Tower Butte Helicopter tour

By Ryan / September 16, 2015

​The tower butte helicopter tour is one of the best helicopter tours in the country, although most people will opt for the helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon. Having done both, the Grand Canyon helicopter tours are a better check on a bucket list, but the Tower Butte tour is a better experience. The 10-15 […]