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Cathedral Canyon

Everyone has heard about Antelope Canyon however there are still many undiscovered slot canyons in the area that all have their own Unique beauty and characteristics.  Cathedral Canyon is exactly one of those! If your looking for a pleasant isolated area to take a nature hike without being rushed while being able to take photographs without too many people around so you can enjoy the rugged beauty.  

This Tour Starts at Chief Tsosie's Antelope Slot Canyon Tour Storefront on Main Street

Guided Tour to Cathedral Canyon – The Tour starts when you load up in their 8 person Ford Excursion with a lifted Kit and Air Conditioning and Heaters so that you travel in comfort to and from the Cathedral Canyon.  This is important because the temperatures here can vary from 111 degrees in the summer to -10 Degrees in the Winter!  Not to mention driving through the Dry Wash beds can be miserable if you are exposed to the elements.

Once you get to the  Canyon your Guide will point out various facts about the animal life in the area and the native plants once used by their ancestors long ago as well as what the Local Navajo people still use today. *This Tour Does Not Go To Antelope Canyon!

Cathedral Canyon

Booking Times : 9:00am, 12:00pm, and 2:00pm
$ 99
Per Person
  • Military : $89.99
  • No Children
  • Native Guided Tour
  • Tour Duration - 2 Hours
Hidden Gem

You will see fantastic rock formations that this tour offers such as Cathedral Hall, The Four Sisters, Thumb Rock, Pucket Rock as well as the incredible slot canyons of this region. This experience provides a personal touch and the time to enjoy it free of the the crowds and noise of other canyons. You will have to get down and crawl under some boulders and we have a very narrow section of the canyon that we squeeze through to get to the 10 foot ladder that we climb up to get into the canyon. So please dress appropriately.  No High heels or Flip Flops.