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Lower Antelope Canyon plus Boat Tour

Lower Antelope Canyon and Boat Tour Information

*Notice – With the Navajo Nation just opening up many tour operators are rushing to get their inventory online and Bundles are not available at this time

You wouldn’t travel all the way to London, England, snap a photo of Big Ben, then turn around and go back home. Call a visit to Paris, France ‘good’ with a quick selfie at the Eiffel Tower? It would never happen. Why? Because you’d have only scratched the surface of the scenic and cultural richness these cities have to offer. While Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ, is not a city, it is nonetheless a complex, multi-faceted eco-system that should be seen from both the land-side and water-side to be fully understood and appreciated.  

The Lower Antelope Canyon Land + Boat Tour is literally a trip back through millions of years of time. After checking in at Ken’s Lower Antelope Canyon Tours, and perhaps enjoying a coffee and browsing for souvenirs at the on-site gift shop, you’ll descend down a series of ladders into Antelope Canyon’s softly lit chambers, between sensuously swirling canyon walls. Sculptors like Rodin and Michealangelo are no match for the power and artistry of wind, water, and eons. Throughout your 2-hour tour, your Navajo Indian guide will point out exquisitely carved formations in the rocks, such as the Lion’s Den, the Eagle, and Lady in the Wind. Looking skyward, you’ll recognize whimsical shapes framed by the sandstone walls, such as the Seahorse and the Goldfish.

After returning to Ken’s Tours headquarters, you’ll be given directions to nearby Antelope Point Marina for your boat tour. After checking in at the boat tour desk inside the Antelope Point Marina Visitors Center, you can walk down the ramp to the boat dock, or have a guest services attendant will drive you down in a golf cart. You’ll board a comfortable, open-air tour boat and set off for the water-side of Antelope Canyon. Red sandstone walls, adorned with dark desert varnish rise high above you. Up ahead of you, these same canyon walls get closer and closer together until the passage becomes so narrow, your boat can travel no further! Nothing to worry about – your U.S. Coast Guard certified captain has the skill and the trained eye to get your boat headed back in the right direction in complete safety. In the course of one hour, you’ll come to comprehend the true complexity of Antelope Canyon as a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, and how it relates to the surrounding landscape of Lake Powell. Complimentary water is provided on the tour boat, and snack packs are available for purchase.

Antelope Canyon Boat Tour

Time and appetite permitting, you are welcome to stick around and grab a bite to eat at one of Antelope Point Marina’s food and beverage outlets, such as The Point Restaurant, Grandma Betty’s or The Sandbar Lounge, or pick up a memento of your visit in the Marina gift shop. 

After your tour, you are welcome to linger at Antelope Point Marina for as long as you wish. Take a walk around the boat dock, or enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of Antelope Point Marina’s food and beverage outlets, such as The Point Restaurant, Grandma Betty’s or The Sandbar Lounge. Don’t forget to grab a souvenir of your visit in the Marina gift shop. When you are ready to return to your vehicle, you can opt to walk up the ramp, or ask a marina employee to summon a guest services attendant to drive you back up. 

The best part of this day, besides the beautiful scenery? The fact that you didn’t have to jump through all the hoops of coordinating the logistics by yourself. The arrangements for both the land-side and water-side tours were taken care of in one easy and convenient booking. Make your easy, convenient booking now for the Lower Antelope Canyon + Boat Tour!


National Park Service Entrance Fee to Antelope Point Marina not included in tour price

Operation of one or both tour components is weather permitting and may be contingent on a certain number of passengers traveling 

Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and/or protective clothing should be worn

Please wear appropriate shoes for walking

Backpacks and purses not allowed in Upper Antelope Canyon and may be subject to restriction on the boat tour

Carry enough water for each member of your party