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Lower Antelope Canyon

Once the forgotten little sibling, Lower Antelope Canyon has become as Famous and as popular as Upper Antelope Canyon for all of its own unique reasons.  These two canyons should not be compared directly as each has features that make it worth seeing.

Lower Antelope

Booking Times : Every 30 Minutes starting at 7:45am to 4:15
$ 75
Starting at
  • Infants (3 and Under) : $FREE
  • Native Guided Tour
  • Tour Duration - 1 to 1.5 Hours

These Tours Start at Dixies Lower Antelope Canyon Store front at Lower Antelope Canyon

This slot canyon is longer (about 600 yards) and is situated below ground .  It is also a more Physically demanding tour that will have you descending and ascending ladders, uneven sand floors stepping over small boulders.  The entire Tour from start to finish requires about 1 mile of walking so all members of your party should be in reasonable good health. During the Summer the temperatures can get very high so please remember to take plenty of hydration.

The Guides are very knowledgeable and will help you to get the most out what ever equipment you are using to photograph the canyon.  They will also take the time to point out all of the angles for each of the unique rock formations such as the “Lion”,  “The Eagle”, “The Wave and the Lady in the Wind”

Some people say that lighting for Lower Antelope is better in the early and late morning however its always possible to get fantastic photos due to the ever changing rock, atmosphere and Lighting conditions.

Lower Antelope Canyon is shaped like a “V” with a narrow pathway that opens up to the sky.  Whereas Upper Antelope Canyon is shaped like an “A” with a wider pathway that narrows as you approach the top of the canyon.

The most difficult portion of this hike is the initial descent into the canyon via five flights of stairs. However the pace is slow so take your time and you should be ok.

**Updated Bag Policy 7/13/23 – No bags of any size are permitted on tour through the Lower Antelope Canyon, this new policy helps us monitor for unauthorised weapons and biohazards. Guests are permitted to bring a camera, phone and water bottles or what will fit in standard size pockets.**

Once you descend into the canyon you will find yourself in a world made of Rocks and sand of all types of colors and textures. Even slight angle changes make a huge difference in perception!

All slot canyons are formed by Wind and Water so pay attention to weather conditions. If your guides tell you that its time to leave the canyon or that conditions are not safe, please listen to them.

Please remember that all of the Canyons are sacred to the Navajo People and that they are allowing you to take these journeys through them. Please treat them with the respect that they deserve and do not leave any trash or graffiti in the canyons. In years past people have also dumped burial remains in the Canyon. If something like this happens the Canyons must be shut down and Medicine Men are brought in to perform ceremonies and purify the area.

No matter which canyon you pick you will find that you leave with memories and photos that will last a lifetime. Book your tours today and get started.

**Face masks are now optional for Navajo Nation tours but policy requiring them may be reinstated at any time at the discretion of Tribal Leadership.**