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Page, AZ, home to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, has quickly become a must do destination for capturing some of the best travel shots in the American Southwest. Here is a list of some nearby spots to really make choosing your profile photo difficult.

Photo spots within 5 miles of Antelope Canyon

girl kayaking below Horseshoe Bend

Kayak Horseshoe Bend Horseshoe Bend is an obvious choice, but not many people get a kayak and paddle below on the river. This is very close geographically, but is an all day activity. Find out how at

Fly over Horseshoe Bend Still on the same theme of Horseshoe Bend, but still getting the less common shot by flying above it. Takes a lot less time than kayaking, and surprisingly affordable starting at $99 for the airplane flight (30-35 minutes) or $164 for the helicopter flight (10-12 minutes of flight time).

girl standing at dam overlook

Dam Overlook This nearby site offers a great view of the dam and the Colorado River. Only a five minute walk and about a five minute drive from the dam. Check out if you need directions, or just put it into google maps.

looking at lake powell from a plane

Lake Powell Lake Powell is has stunning photo opportunities, and you could spend a lifetime exploring it. For a quick taste, consider renting a boat, taking a 1 hour boat tour, or flying over it.

Within an hour drive of Antelope Canyon

man riding bike by lake powell

Mountain bike the Rim View trail This 12 mile loop is perfect for getting some action shots with sandstone cliffs and Lake Powell in the background. Check out Rim Trail Bikes for mountain bike rentals or Lake Powell Adventure Company for e-bike tours.

truck at Alstrom Point overlook


Alstrom Point This off-road destination offers some of the best overlook views of Lake Powell. It is also an excellent place to camp. You will need high clearance to access the final 2 miles, but 2wd cars can make it to the first overlook if the road is in good condition. Check out for more information.

the wave in utah on a cloudy day

The Wave, AZ Although this is a highly sought after destination, and the trailhead is only an hour from Page, the permitting process makes it very difficult to achieve. Only 20 people get to go per day, and thousands will apply. But who knows, maybe you will be one of the lucky ones. thewaveaz.com

girl at white pocket

White Pocket Another really great, but very difficult to get to location. Some of the best photographic opportunities in the area, and a lot less of them already posted on social media. You will need high clearance 4wd and knowledge of how to drive in deep sand and rescue techniques to do this outing. Or better yet, hire a guide. BLM website