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Upper Antelope / Lower Antelope / Antelope Canyon Boat Tour

Welcome to the Triple Crown! See all three canyons the same day!

Water can always be counted on to take the path of least resistance. In the case of Antelope Canyon, the results can be absolutely stunning. Introducing a never-before-offered Antelope Canyon tour experience, where you’ll see first-hand what wind, water, and a crazy-long amount of time can accomplish: the Antelope Canyon Triple Crown! 


This tour is more than just a 100 yard walk in the park. It’s a boots-on-the-ground learning experience, allowing you to connect with and comprehend Antelope Canyon, by exploring it in all its complexity, and finally coming to terms with the vital link between the Antelope Creek drainage and the Lake Powell watershed.

Your 3-in-1 Antelope Canyon adventure includes:  

  • Chief Tsosie’s Upper Antelope Canyon Tour:* ride specially-modified touring coaches from downtown Page, AZ, to this short but memorable slot canyon where swirling sandstone forms and soft light and shadow play form a surrealistic sensory tableau 
  • Ken’s Lower Antelope Canyon Tour:* a moderate but stimulating hike through an underground cavern sculpted by the whirling of flash flood waters, and polished to a symmetrically striated finish by blowing sand (navigating ladders, stairs, and small boulders are required on this tour; participants should be reasonably fit)
  • Antelope Canyon Boat Tour:* a gentle float into the waterside of Antelope Canyon; savor the soft breeze off the water as you cruise between towering canyon walls from Antelope Point Marina to the point where the slot canyon joins with Lake Powell 

After the tour, you are welcome and encouraged to further explore the Antelope Point Marina complex, or visit other Page, AZ, area attractions nearby, such as:

  • The Navajo Village Heritage Center
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • The John Wesley Powell Museum
  • Glen Canyon Dam
  • Gunfighter Canyon

At the end of your day, you’ll reflect on everything you’ve seen and done with a greater appreciation of the natural forces that continue to shape Glen Canyon, and how extraordinary it was that the right ones came together to form Antelope Canyon. Best of all? This Antelope Canyon “triple play” was super-easy to reserve, with a few easy clicks instead a monumental exercise in frustration dealing with multiple websites and sold out tours.  

If you’re like so many visitors to the American Southwest, this may be the only chance you have to experience Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell for quite awhile. Take advantage of the opportunity to get more out of your time in Page, Arizona than you ever thought possible! Book your slots on the Antelope Canyon Triple Crown Tour today. 

*tours may not be conducted in order specified