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The Wave Chamber or the Wave Cave

Not to be confused with any formation near the Wave or Coyote Buttes North, this hidden gem has actually been hiding in plain sight for thousands, if not millions of years in Page, AZ!  At the corner of Coppermine Road and Highway 98 is the Big Lake Trading Post. Less than a ¼ mile walk East-Northeast of the main building, a big surprise awaits your discovery

View from Inside the Wave Chamber

A massive alcove similar in looks to the Redwall Cavern in the Grand Canyon, or the Great Chamber at Cutler Point in Kanab, the Wave Cave or Wave Chamber is much easier to access, which means that most people can visit it without difficulty. There is no established trail or signage yet, so just follow the footprints from one of two semi-official parking areas (be careful not to park in deep sand). An informal cairn trail may also be present. 

Hollowed out by years of wind and water erosion, the sandy bottom of the cave is a testament to nature’s transformative power. The swirling sandstone strata of the chamber walls and ceiling are reminiscent of the Wave, which may be why locals have begun referring to this once-forgotten formation as the “Wave Cave” or the “Wave Chamber.” Once inside, the very size of the concavity will amaze you – it certainly doesn’t look this big from a distance! 

Allow approximately 1 hour to 90 minutes to park your vehicle, walk to the cave, and explore. Remember you are in a desert environment, so bring plenty of water, wear appropriate shoes for walking, and be prepared for intense sun exposure during the warmer months of the year with sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats. If you need a few bottles of water or get hungry after your hike, pop into the Big Lake Trading Post and get a delicious sandwich or Navajo taco, made fresh to order, at the on-site deli.