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By Ryan / September 18, 2015

The quick definition of commercial is that you plan to sell the photo.  You can be a professional photographer and shoot Antelope Canyon with no intention of selling the photographs.

For Lower Antelope, all you need to bring is a tripod and they will consider you a photographer. (You get an extra hour in the canyon for no additional cost.)

Here’s an excerpt from the Navajo Parks page

Requests for commercial filming and photography in areas under the authority of the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department are received regularly.  The purpose of these Commercial Filming and Photography Policy and Procedures is to establish guidelines to be followed in the application for, review, approval/disapproval, of commercial filming and photography permits.

Navajo Parks and Recreation Department shall allow commercial filming and photography in tribal parks, recreation areas and monument only in a manner consistent with these policies and procedures.

Navajo Parks and Recreation Department, has the authority to issue filming permits in tribal park areas pursuant to Government Services Committee resolution GSCJY-18-04, Section IV. J.

These policies and procedures apply within tribal parks, recreation areas, monuments and other areas under the authority and supervision of the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department.  The policy and procedures also apply specifically to filming and photography undertaken for commercial purposes, i.e. for financial gain or public display and exhibition.

  • $50.00 Processing Fee for applications that have all the required information for one person. ($25.00 additional Processing Fee that involves photocopying for more than one person or requests for additional documentation or revisions)
  • $100.00 Processing Fee for weddings, film companies or photography workshops that involve five or more people
  • $200.00 Processing Fee for all “After-the-Fact” requests for Special Use Permits.

Here’s a copy of the photography permit application


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Ryan is an avid hiker and long time resident of Page, AZ. What he lacks in spelling and grammatical expertise he makes up for with extensive knowledge from a lifetime of questionable choices and the ability to ask for help from great editors

Lori Lewis-LeBlanc - March 30, 2019

I recently toured Antelope Canyon with a tour group and captured a photo with my cellphone camera, can I copyright it, or do I need permission and pay a fee?

    Alley Keosheyan - March 30, 2019

    Hi Lori,
    You would only need permission to do so if you plan to sell the photo or use it commercially in any way.
    Hope that helps.
    Alley 🙂

Nancy main - February 28, 2019

So I assume it is OK if I want to enter my photograph in a contest where if I win, I win a prize. So I am not selling the photo of the canyon.

    Alley Keosheyan - March 1, 2019

    Yes, that is fine 🙂

Paul - July 28, 2018


I would like to ask a fellow photographers how it is with selling occasional prints or stock photo of Antelope Canyon. Does a person need the same permit as for example wedding photo shoot / images for advertisement purposes ?

Raffaella - April 10, 2018

Hi Ryan, I’m keen on dancing and I like to take videos of my dance at every place I visit as memories. They are all for myself not for commercial, and usually are about a minute. Can I also do it in antelope canyon and do I need to fill the form as well? Thank you so much and best regards. Raffaella

    Alley Keosheyan - April 12, 2018

    Dear Rafaella,
    Wow, that’s a good question! For a definitive answer, I would recommend asking the tour company you plan to use to go into Antelope Canyon directly. This may or may not be in conflict with their religious or other beliefs in regards to Antelope Canyon.
    Good luck,
    Alley 🙂

Myke Edwards - October 15, 2017

So if I am just a hobbiest, and never plan on selling any images, am I still required to fill out an application for a permit. Also does this apply for Horseshoe bend as well? And I can only assume if it does apply for both locations I’d have to process an application for each location.

    Alley Keosheyan - October 15, 2017

    Hi Myke,
    If you plan on taking photos for your own personal use, i.e., e-mailing to friends, sharing on Facebook and so on, you would not be required to file for a permit but as a photographer, you might want to spend the extra money to take the photography tour.
    The same goes for Horseshoe Bend: unless you’re planning to do a photo shoot for a wedding or other special function, or take photos for the purpose of making money, you are not required to apply for a permit.
    However, since Antelope Canyon is manged by the Navajo Tribe and Horseshoe Bend by the National Park Service respectively, if you were to file for commercial photography/special use permits, you would have to get two separate ones.
    Hope that helps,
    Alley 🙂

      sasha - March 8, 2018

      hello, I am planning on going to do a pre-wedding photoshoot next week. the crew would be 5 people. and i know that id have to fill out the form. is it the form that on the bottom of this website?

      for the group of 5 how much do I have to pay in total?
      Do I just email back the form and pay it upfront/get the permit before i enter the park?

      thank you.

        Alley Keosheyan - March 8, 2018

        Dear Sasha,
        Thank you for your visit and your inquiry. This is a privately owned website for informational purposes only. Because Antelope Canyon itself is under the jurisdiction of the Navajo Indian Tribe, any and all inquiries about the particulars of commercial photography permits should be directed to them. The phone number for the main office in Window Rock is (928) 871-6647. You might also try Navajo Antelope Canyon Tours at (928) 310-9458.
        Sorry we could not be of more help to you.
        Alley 🙂

      Paul - July 28, 2018

      I have a folow up question 🙂 . I am too just a hobbiest, but what interests me is how it is with selling prints / or stock photos? Does photographer need for this the same permit as for example wedding photo shoot or images for advertising purposes ?

      There is a lot of confusion about this and I would like to hear some opinions 🙂 Thank you

        Alley Keosheyan - July 29, 2018

        Hey Paul,
        The rule of thumb, to our knowledge, is that if you want to make money from the photographs, you need to have a Commercial Use Permit. Since Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo Indian Tribal Land, you would need to get this from the Navajo Tribe. For more information, visit Navajo Nation Parks Commercial Film & Photography Permits, or phone 928-871-6647.
        Good luck and safe travels,
        Alley 🙂

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