Lower Antelope Full Walkthrough Video

By Ryan / September 19, 2015

Wondering if you would have any problems with the stairs and ladders of Lower Antelope? Check out this video of the full walkthough from start to finish.

If you just want to skip ahead, the section around 4:00 is probably the hardest section of the canyon.

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Ryan is an avid hiker and long time resident of Page, AZ. What he lacks in spelling and grammatical expertise he makes up for with extensive knowledge from a lifetime of questionable choices and the ability to ask for help from great editors

Laura - May 2, 2018

Hi. The video is very helpful, thank you. Between March and end of September, what would be a better choice from a weather perspective?
Could a 8 year old visit the canyon?
Thank you!

    Alley Keosheyan - May 3, 2018

    Hi Laura, and thank you for visiting us today!
    Weather-wise, late September is the better choice. Temperatures are cooling, and the risk of monsoon storms is tapering off.
    March is in that transitional period between winter and spring. Temperatures are still borderline cold, and early spring is notorious for late-season snowstorms.
    As to whether an 8-year-old can visit Lower Antelope Canyon, yes, they are perfectly welcome, but there must be one adult for every child under 8 traveling in a single. A blogger recently posted about that very thing, you might take a look at her trip report.
    Good luck and safe travels,
    Alley 🙂

Laurie - April 23, 2018

My husband and I are both overweight, are there areas that are very narrow to get through? Watching the video it is hard to get perspective in a few places of how small the trail gets?

    Alley Keosheyan - April 23, 2018

    Hi Laurie and thanks for your question.
    The area you might find troublesome is the entrance to the canyon where you have to climb down in. Forward to the 2:05 mark on this video to gauge whether you’d be able to manage it. If it helps, many people who are more generously-proportioned have enjoyed this tour without a problem. The issue that tends to come into play more often than one’s size is claustrophobia, but the narrower sections are usually short. Once you get through them, the trail widens out sufficiently to alleviate any concerns.
    Hope that helps 🙂

Liana - April 18, 2018

Hi, do you think it would be possible to do this whilst holding a nearly 2year old?

    Alley Keosheyan - April 18, 2018

    Hi Liana,
    Possible, but probably not advisable. There are many rock overhangs that could strike a child being held by a parent (or in a backpack carrier) in the head. We’d hate to see that happen 🙁 Upper Antelope Canyon would be the safer way to go, and is still a beautiful sight. Just be sure to make reservations well in advance of your arrival.

Caroline - April 8, 2018

Thank you for your video, this is really helpful !

I am wondering, what was the camera you were using in order to film this video ?

    Alley Keosheyan - April 8, 2018

    Hi Caroline!
    That video was made before I began helping out on this site, but I will try and find out and contact you personally with whatever answer I am able to discover 🙂

Fernando Moreno-Castillo - March 23, 2018

Can pets (on a leash of course) come?

    Alley Keosheyan - March 23, 2018

    Hi Fernando,
    Dogs are not allowed in Lower Antelope Canyon, unless they are certified service animals for those with disabilities. Proper certification of such would be required in that case, as would prior approval from the Antelope Canyon tour outfitter you go with. If your pet does not meet this requirement, and you’re looking for boarding while you tour the slot canyons, contact the Page Animal Hospital at 928-645-2816. I personally boarded my dogs there many times when I lived in Page, and never had a problem.
    Hope that helps! Good luck and safe travels,
    Alley 🙂

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Vui - December 16, 2017

Do you think seniors ~70 will be able to make to the lower Antelope?

    Alley Keosheyan - December 16, 2017

    Dear Vui,
    Hello and thank you for your question! We are happy to report that individuals 70+, 80+ and above enjoy touring Lower Antelope Canyon every day. However, they must be relatively fit in order to do so. Those who rely on wheelchairs, walkers, scooters and other mobility aids will not be able to navigate the stairs, ladders and small boulders present in the canyon. If you’re visiting during the summer months, when daytime high temperatures are up in the 100’s, touring the canyon is best done in the morning when it’s cooler. If you have any doubts at all about your ability to make it through Lower Antelope Canyon, Upper Antelope Canyon would be your best bet. At 100m in length and a flat trail throughout, it is manageable for most people.
    Good luck and happy travels,
    Alley 🙂

cindy - November 10, 2017

When did you take this video? We are planning to visit it in December. Will we see the different scenes or the same? Will the weather be good for this? Many thanks.

    Alley Keosheyan - November 13, 2017

    Hi Cindy and thank you for your inquiry!
    This video was taken during the summer months, however, visiting in December, chances are quite high that you’ll have good visibility and be able to enjoy your tour as much – possibly more – than if you’d visited in the summertime. One definite advantage of traveling during the off-season is not as many people to contend with in the canyon.
    The weather is likely to be cooler; rain and light snow are very real possibilities, but these seldom result in the delay or cancellation of Lower Antelope Canyon tours. Just bring a jacket and gloves and you should be good to go.
    Hope that helps – good luck and safe travels!
    Alley 🙂

CurtissAnn Birdwell - November 1, 2017

Thanks for sharing. This is on my bucket list and I’m not getting any younger so I had better get it done after watching this.

    Alley Keosheyan - November 1, 2017

    We couldn’t agree more 🙂
    Good luck and happy travels,

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