Lower Antelope Full Walkthrough Video

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Wondering if you would have any problems with the stairs and ladders of Lower Antelope? Check out this video of the full walkthough from start to finish.

If you just want to skip ahead, the section around 4:00 is probably the hardest section of the canyon.

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51 Responses

  1. Our large Party of 10 secured cabins om for the north rim lodging( two nights)for a rim to rim hike on October 2. We were hoping to experience the lower canyon with our drive on sept 30 staying in page.

    There is a waiting list, please Russell Brown for the lower antelope Canyon tour, we’d be happy to accommodate if numbers too large or another time for a summer pre hike training in late august or early September. I can secure with a credit card if necessary.

    Best reached is carol Brown (wife) 4802298522.

    Or place me on a newsletter for updates.

    Thank you.

    1. Russell & Carol,
      Congratulations on securing cabin reservations for Grand Canyon North Rim!
      Your name has been placed on a priority e-mail waiting list to be notified of when the Antelope Canyons reopen. Please note that does not constitute a reservation for an Antelope Canyon tour. If you wish to make a reservation, or be placed on a waiting list with a Lower Antelope Canyon tour company, please contact:
      – Ken’s Lower Antelope Canyon Tours (928) 606-2168 http://lowerantelope.com
      – Dixie Ellis’ Antelope Lower Canyon Tours (928) 640-1761 http://antelopelowercanyon.com
      Good luck and safe travels,
      Alley 🙂

    1. Hi Sara,
      We don’t know yet. We would advise monitoring the Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation Department website for status updates, or request to be placed on our priority e-mail notification list to get the heads up the minute the canyons reopen.
      In the meantime, consider kayaking into the waterside of Antelope Canyon, which is on Federal and not Tribal land, or hiking one of several alternate slot canyons which are not located on Navajo land. The nearest one to Page, AZ, is Wire Pass Canyon and Buckskin Gulch.
      Good luck and safe travels,
      Alley 🙂

    1. Hi Megon,
      You are welcome to try and purchase tickets upon arrival at Lower Antelope Canyon, but I would recommend booking your tour in advance of your arrival to avoid the inconvenience of sold-out departures.

  2. Hi Alley.

    I’ve enjoyed reading all of your amazingly helpful tips for other tourists to your area. We are planning a 2-week trip to Arizona/Utah for late August/early September 2020 and I would really appreciate any thoughts you might have on the driving distances. I get a sense of how long it might take, but know that you’ve got more inside info that could help us avoid making timing mistakes. Thanks for any feedback:

    1) Arrive Vegas, spend night
    2) Full day in Vegas doing kid-friendly things (Bellagio Fountains, Fall of Atlantis, Volcano show, High Roller Ferris Wheel, Cirque, etc.)
    3) Day trip to Red Rock Canyon, 3rd and last night in Vegas
    4) Hoover Dam, Kingman, Route 66 Museum and towns, night in Williams
    5) Bearizona in AM, Walnut Canyon in PM, night in Flagstaff
    6) Arrive Grand Canyon. We have 3 nights booked here
    7) Mule trip to Phantom Ranch (already booked)
    8) Return from mule trip, afternoon/night at canyon
    9) Depart Grand Canyon. Drive to Wupatki and see it (45-min ranger hike?). Drive to Sunset Crater and visit. Then go to Winona for the night.
    10) Meteor Crater. Then Petrified Forest (3 trails on my to do list if time allows), drive to Chinle (we have 2 nights booked here)
    11) 9AM Canyon de Chelly jeep tour (pre-booked), afternoon driving around the overlooks, 2nd night in Chinle
    12) Drive to 4 Corners (my husband and I have been before but our son hasn’t and he’s working on checking off states, so this is a must do). Drive to Bluff, CO for lunch (just to spend a little time in Colorado), then head to Monument Valley for an evening tour and night at the View Hotel (already booked)
    13) Drive to Page. Morning tour of Upper Antelope Canyon. Lunch. Afternoon tour of Lower Antelope Canyon. Spend the night in Page.
    14) Drive to Bryce and spend most of the day there. Drive to Dixie National Forest and stay at Duck Creek Village
    15) Drive to Zion and spend the day. First of two nights at Springdale.
    16) Second day at Zion. Either spend second night in Springdale or head towards Henderson.
    17) Fly home from Vegas

    A few of these days seem to have long drives, so I’m trying to see how realistic this is an itinerary. Thank you in advance for any tips or suggestions.

    1. Hey Laura, thanks for visiting, and apologies for the delay in response to your inquiry.
      Your trip looks pretty fun, and well-planned. Still, there are a couple of minor adjustments and reality checks I can offer up.
      First off, totally sweet that you got a reservation for a mule ride to Phantom Ranch! You’ve scored the “holy grail” of all Grand Canyon tours and you’ll love it. Anything else that happens after that is all gravy. It’s good that you’re staying overnight at the canyon the day you come back from the mule ride too, because you won’t be in any mood to drive anywhere afterwards. All you’ll have the energy to do is find some cocktails and a good dinner and crash. I know, that’s how I felt after taking that trip!
      You are correct in that many of your days will involve long drives. That’s kind of how we roll in the American Southwest. Towns and cities are very spread out, and you have to go through a whole lot of nowhere in order to get somewhere. The good news is, though, that these drives are very scenic and you’ll find yourself stopping and taking a lot of pictures.
      On your 3rd day, since Red Rock Canyon is so close to Las Vegas (~30 minutes away), you might get a head start on the trip and drive to Williams that night. Your daylength is relatively long at that time of year, with sunrise occurring at about 6:15 AM and sunset taking place at around 7:00 PM. The main priority is not driving in the dark once you leave Las Vegas because roads in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah are very dimly lit, on purpose to preserve the natural darkness of the night sky. Plus deer, elk, free range cattle, and wild horses like to move about at night, often near the roadside, and you don’t want to get into an accident with one in an unfamiliar area that’s pitch black, where cell phone service is spotty (or flat-out nonexistent), and help will be a long time coming, not to mention VERY expensive.
      On Day 5, instead of lodging in Flagstaff, you might as well head back to Williams there, too. Williams is only ~30 minutes from Flagstaff, and that’s one less day you have to pack up and move. Grand Canyon South Rim is then ~1 hour from Williams.
      On Day 9, when you leave Grand Canyon for Wupatki/Sunset Crater, be sure to depart the park via the East Rim/Desert View Drive. There are over half a dozen named Grand Canyon viewpoints along this route, not including the Tusayan Ruins & Museum. Upon exiting the park, you’ll be on Navajo Indian Tribal Lands. That has its own attractions you might visit, such as the Little Colorado River Overlook, Chief Yellowhorse’s souvenir stand, and the Cameron Trading Post (great place to stop for lunch!). Instead of overnighting in Winona, AZ (there’s not much there), you might drive on to Winslow, AZ, instead. There you can get your picture taken “Standin’ On The Corner” – yes, that corner! – and maybe have breakfast at the Turquoise Room at the La Posada Hotel the next morning. Time permitting, you might even hit Meteor Crater on the way there.

      If not, it’s not much of a backtrack from Winslow to the Crater (~30 minutes), then you can get right back on I-40 and make decent time to Petrified Forest and then on to Chinle, AZ. BTW, if you don’t get to do all 3 trails in Petrified Forest, that’s OK. You want to avoid trying to plan every. single. minute. of your vacation; otherwise it becomes a death march rather than a holiday!
      On Day 12, where you indicate you’ll “drive to Bluff, CO, for lunch just to spend a little time in Colorado,” first of all, there’s no city in Colorado named Bluff. There is one in Utah, however. There isn’t much in the way of restaurants near 4 Corners anyway, so you may indeed want to go on to Bluff, Utah, for lunch, or just grab a light snack that morning before you leave Chinle, AZ, and eat when you get to The View.

      On the drive back to Vegas before you fly home, time and inclination permitting, if you’re up for one more cool place to check off your list, Valley of Fire State Park is a stunning area that’s an easy detour off I-15!

      So hope all that helps. Feel free to write in again if we can be of further guidance!
      Good luck, safe travels, and Happy Holidays,
      Alley 🙂

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