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Rainbow Bridge and Lake Powell aerial tour

By Ryan / September 18, 2015

Already did Antelope Canyon? An aerial tour of Lake Powell and Rainbow bridge is a great way to see the rest of the area. Like the Grand Canyon, the lake is simply too large to see from a single viewpoint. The best way to grasp the scale and beauty of the area is to be above it.

In addition to Lake Powell, you will fly over Rainbow Bridge. This is the largest natural bridge in the world, and a United States national monument. It takes about 2 hour to get there by boat, and then you have to hike about a mile with how low the water is.

Highly recommended tour. It’s a great way to spend 25-30 minutes.


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Ryan is an avid hiker and long time resident of Page, AZ. What he lacks in spelling and grammatical expertise he makes up for with extensive knowledge from a lifetime of questionable choices and the ability to ask for help from great editors

Julie - April 17, 2019

Your site is super helpful! I still have some questions about my trip…I keep adding days but am still running out of time and could use help prioritizing and picking the right excursions. We are traveling 8/13-8/22. Here are the places we were hoping to explore but are open to modifications:
Las Vegas
Lake Powell
Salt Lake city

We’d like to do some guided tours as well as quad rides, tubing/rafting, fishing, rock climbing.

Places along the way we’ve talked about (in no particular order and I could really use help here…capital reef, horseshoe bend, natural bridge, lower pine creek waterfall, antelope canyon, navajo canyons, rainbow bridge, canyon lands, slide rock trail (quad/ATV ride), dead horse point, balanced rock, arches national park (delicate arch, double arch, landscape arch), skill arches, fiery furnace trail)…the list could go on. πŸ™‚ . Can you help organize and book some of our tours and excursions, please?

    Alley Keosheyan - April 17, 2019

    Hi Julie,
    Welcome to the toughest part about planning a trip out here: what to leave in, what to leave out!
    Speaking of things left out, I notice the Grand Canyon is conspicuously absent from your itinerary. I’m going to assume for the sake of this itinerary that you’ve already been there. If that’s not the case, though, you should try to squeeze an extra day out of your itinerary so you can include it. Let me know if you need further guidance on that.
    Speaking of assumptions, it sounds as though you’re flying into Las Vegas, but out of Salt Lake City, so I’m also going to presuppose that to be the case as I refer to your itinerary, as well as that 8/13 and 8/22 will be travel days in and out.
    So — in light of all these assumptions, I recommend this:
    08/14 – Drive from Las Vegas to Zion (~4 hours*), overnight in Springdale, UT *the reason for the long drive time is because of a construction project going on on a stretch of I-15 through the Virgin River Gorge; we are advising travelers to pad their drive estimates by at least 1 hour
    08/15 – Sightseeing in Zion (Lower Pine Creek Falls), spend 2nd night in Springdale
    08/16 – Drive from Zion to Bryce (~2.5-3 hour drive), take ATV tour in Bryce, overnight in Bryce Canyon or nearby
    08/17 – Drive from Bryce Canyon to Capitol Reef, overnight in Torrey, UT — OR — spend 2nd night in Bryce and visit Capitol Reef as a day trip — OR — you can hit Capitol Reef after Springdale/Zion, then swing through Bryce on the way to:
    08/18 – Drive from Torrey, UT to Page, AZ (~5 hours), tour Antelope Canyon , visit Horseshoe Bend, overnight in Page, AZ
    08/19 – Take Rainbow Bridge Boat Tour OR Glen Canyon Float Trip, 2nd night in Page, AZ
    08/20 – Drive from Page, AZ, to Moab, UT via Monument Valley and/or Natural Bridges NM, ~5-6 hour drive, overnight in Moab, UT
    08/21 – Tour Arches/Canyonlands area, for suggestions on activities, visit Moab Adventure Center, 2nd night in Moab
    08/22 – Drive to SLC (~4 hours)
    If you don’t have the time and/or inclination to do the boat tour to Rainbow Bridge, which is pretty much an all-day affair, you might opt to fly over it instead. Rainbow Bridge Scenic flights don’t land at the Bridge itself, but they do go over some amazing scenery in the course of 30-40 minutes.
    Here’s how all that looks on a map:

    Whatever you decide, be sure to pick up an America The Beautiful Federal Lands Access Pass. For $80, this card grants you access to all National Parks, Monuments, and Federal Fee areas in the U.S. for 1 year’s time. It doesn’t work at Native American Tribal Parks (Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley), or municipal-controlled areas like Horseshoe Bend, but it will still pay for itself on the trip you’re planning to take. Just pick it up at the first National Park you hit on your trip.
    Be sure that you book all lodging and guided tours, especially Antelope Canyon, well in advance. Now wouldn’t be too soon.
    Good luck and safe travels,
    Alley πŸ™‚

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